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gambling problemGambling Addiction is a new blog on the subject of gambling addiction. I started this blog because of how my gambling problem has effected my life in a negative way. In addition, close family members and friends who I know have also had problems with gambling and have had really bad/negative consequences because of it.

My problem started about 16 years ago and it was and remained as a pure addiction to slot machines. Also known as pokies (Australia), video lottery terminals (Canada)fruit machines, (UK), and fixed odds betting terminals(UK), these video gaming machines are highly addictive.

Dubbed the crack cocaine of gambling addiction, these machines have the power to do a lot of harm in a very short amount of time. Being fast paced, with abilities to take bets every 2 seconds, you can lose thousands of dollars in just one hours time.

The manufacturers of these machines are designed by psychologists and are created to hypnotize players and put them in what is called “the zone” in the industry. Slots are created for the player to “play to extinction”.. or until their last dollar is gone.

These electronic gaming machines have become very sophisticated with the lights, sounds, bonus rounds, speaker systems, and exciting bonus rounds. They make up the largest percentage of a casino or gaming establishment revenue, and over 50 percent of this revenue is by those with a gambling addiction or a gambling problem.

My goal for this blog is to educate people on the harms of gambling when one becomes out of control. I will focus primarily on slots, pokies, fobt, vlt and fruit machines, however, I will write about other forms of gambling addiction.

In addition, I will share about my journey to harm reduction from gambling addiction as well as a long term desire for abstinence.

In taking back my life, I would like to be here to help you take yours back as well.

If you need help for a gambling addiction immediately, please visit my list of gambling problem help resources by clicking the live link. :)

Thanks for reading, and please come back often.

Life will get better for you!

Peace and Happiness to You

Michelle Tee

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